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Success Play



Student Engagement and Retention

Drive Student Retention.

Success Play gives the ability to connect all your data on to one platform, proactively identifying and engaging at-risk students faster, and offering administrators the ability to test and learn fast what drives the best engagement and conversion to retain students.

Connect and Build Relationships.

Stay engaged and connected to your students reviewing key engagement stats in-real time to ensure you are messaging them on their preferred channel. Students have an expectation that their University is aware of what activities they are involved, Success Play brings automated, local personalization tools to help stay connect across the student lifecycle.

Understand Student Behavior.

Success Play removes the burden from administrators to manage the day-to-day tasks and ongoing engagement to drive students to the most relevant info that matters to them. By understanding student behavior, we can help unlock the most value to the student at the right time to ensure we are always in-front of them when they are ready to join a University.